About the HRF

Haiti Reconstruction Fund




Guiding principles.

Building on good practice from other multi-donor funds for recovery and reconstruction, the HRF will adhere to the following principles:

Government leadership– the governance structure and the process for approving grants will be led by the Government of Haiti as chair of the HRF’s governing body;

Strategic finance– the HRF resources can increase flexibility by providing reconstruction finance that is not being furnished through earmarked funding from other sources;

Standards– the HRF and its financed activities will adhere to international standards and good practice in key areas such as financial management, procurement, poverty alleviation, good governance, environmental sustainability, and gender equity;

Build on existing capacity– the HRF will seek to work with and finance existing successful programs including those building social capital, e.g. through community-driven development programs,  and enhancing the capacity of line ministries, local governments, private enterprise, and NGOs with a proven track record;

Good governance– the HRF and its financed activities will facilitate the participation of different levels of government, civil society, the private sector, the Diaspora, and development partners, and will promote a transparent and accountable reconstruction process;

Speed and risk management– the HRF will ensure the speedy and efficient delivery of its activities while managing risks to produce high-quality results.