About the HRF

Haiti Reconstruction Fund

Grant Approval Process

A. Conditions for eligibility

The Fund shall provide grant funding for projects and programs in support of the Government’s Action Plan for Reconstruction and Development.  Proposals should meet the following conditions:

  • Be endorsed by the Council of Minister
  • Comply with the Government of Haiti’s Recovery Plan or a similar document for recovery, reconstruction and development approved by the Government of Haiti;
  • Be designed to meet a strategic financing need in the reconstruction;
  • Be consistent with the Fund’s policies and strategies;
  • Enable the efficient, speedy and sustainable recovery of Haiti, and be completed within the life of the Fund (June 2010 - December 2017); and
  • Be fully compatible with the selected Partner Entity’s policies and procedures and the Trustee’s mandate.


B. Terms and Conditions Governing HRF Grants

To facilitate swift disbursements from the Fund, each Partner Entity shall apply their own appropriate procedures including simplified project designs, use of emergency approval procedures, streamlined procurement and financial management procedures, and flexible project start-up support.

 The following shall apply to all Fund grants:

  •  each grant shall be approved and administered in accordance with the guidelines of the applicable Partner Entity (IDB, UN, World Bank);
  • HRF grants shall be denominated in United States Dollars; and
  • the relevant Partner Entity shall, for purposes of each grant, conclude an agreement with the Implementing Agency, indicating in particular that the resources have been provided from the Fund.


C. Operations Cycle of Fund-Finance Activities

Steps/Actions Required

Who is Responsible?

Performance Standards

1.      Submission of PCN or Complete Proposal to the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE)

Partner Entity and Implementing Agency

Partner Entity and Implementing Agency emergency standards

2.      PCN or Proposal Evaluation and Recommendation

MPCE, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

Government of Haiti’s  standards

3.      Evaluation and Approval of Budget

Steering Committee

10 working days


4.      Development of Complete Proposal

Partner Entity and Implementing Agency

Partner Entity, Implementing Agency and Government of Haiti’s standards

5.      Decision to allocate initial resources & final approval

Steering Committee

10 working days after receipt of complete proposal

6.      Funds Transfer to Partner Entity


10 working days following SC decision to allocate

7.      Implementation


Implementing Agency

Set forth in project documentation

8.      Supervision, Monitoring and Reporting

Partner Entity

In accordance with Partner Entity rules & procedures

9.      Project Completion

Partner Entity and Implementing Agency

No later than 6 months after final disbursement


These steps are also graphically presented in the flowchart below.



The Trustee will provide to regular reports on the financial status of the HRF to the Steering Committee as set forth in the Administration Agreements or otherwise agreed between the Trustee and the Steering Committee.  The Trustee will conduct a single audit of the Fund according to its rules and procedures.  Partner Entity activities will be subject exclusively to the internal and external auditing procedures provided for in the financial regulations, rules and directives of the respective Partner Entities.


Public Disclosure

The Trustee and the Partner Entities will ensure that decisions of the Steering Committee regarding the approval of HRF projects and programs and operations of the activities funded under the HRF are publicly disclosed via the website of the HRF and related Partner Entity and Implementing Agency websites as appropriate. 

Complaints Processing and Resolution

Where complaints specifically relate to Fund-financed projects and programs, they may be submitted directly to an Implementing Agency or Partner Entity through the project’s complaint handling mechanisms. The complaint may also be submitted to the HRF Secretariat or indirectly through other agencies such as relevant ministries and projects.

Termination of the HRF

The current closing date for the HRF is December 31st, 2017.  The Steering Committee, in consultation with the Trustee, can decide to extend or shorten the termination date of the HRF as needed.