Pledging and Contributing Donors


Pledging Donors Amount Pledged (in millions)*

Amount Signed (in millions)

Amount Paid In (in millions)
Australia Australia  AUD 10.00 AUD 10.00 US$8.56


 US$55.00 US$55.00  US$55.00
Canada Canada CAD 46.30  CAD46.30 US$45.50
Colombia  US$4.00 US$4.00  US$4.00
  Cyprus US$0.10 US$0.10 US$0.10
Estonia Estonia  US$0.05 US$0.05 US$0.05
Finland €1.40 €1.40  US$1.84
France €24.82 €24.82 US$32.28
Georgia Georgia US$0.05 0.00


Ireland €1.00 €1.00 US$1.33
Japan US$30.00  US$30.00  US$30.00
Latvia LVL0.03 LVL0.03 US$0.06
Nigeria US$5.00  US$5.00  US$5.00
Norway Norway  US$30-100 NOK 274.00 US$44.27
Oman Oman   US$50.00  US$5.00 US$5.00
Qatar Qatar   US$20.00 0.00 0.00
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea   US$10.00


Saudi Arabia  US$50.00 0.00 0.00
Spain Spain   US$30.00  US$30.00  US$20.00
State and Peace Building Fund US$2.00 US$2.00 US$2.00
Sweden Sweden   US$3.40 SEK25.00 US$3.75
  Thailand  US$2.30 US$2.30 US$2.30
United States of America United States of America   US$100.00  US$125.00 US$125.00
Total US$579* US$396.05 US$386.05

(*) Pledges are based on formal as well as informal indications made by individual donors and thus are not official figures.