Documents and Resources

In compliance with the HRF commitment to transparency, this section contains all documents relating to the HRF divided into the following topics:

Basic documentation and evaluation reports  : All documents relating to the constitution and the evaluation of the HRF as well as key documents for the reconstruction like the Action Plan for National  Recovery and Development of Haiti (PNDA for its French acronym)  and the Haiti Strategic Development Plan (PSDH for its French acronym) of the Government of Haiti

Projects: the HRF finances 17 reconstruction activities. In this section are summaries and the related concept papers and final approved documents. Projects update can be found in the Projects section in the menu bar

Quarterly Bulletin: Since September 2011, the HRF publishes a quarterly update. The objective is to keep stakeholders regularly informed about how the HRF is supporting the reconstruction process. It reports quarterly developments in the areas of governance, contributions, results with a focus on HRF partners

Annual Reports: Since June 2011, the HRF publishes an annual report which presents and analyzes the evolution of the Fund during the past year in its operational environment. You will find information about the financial status, governance issues, results, lessons learned and challenges for the future

Financial Reports: The reports provide detail on the status of contributions and receipts to the HRF; cumulative funding decisions made by the HRF Steering Committee; funding currently available to support new approvals by the Steering Committee, the status of disbursements made by the Partner Entities.

Reports of the Secretariat: The HRF Secretariat, five (5) persons,  serves to support the work of the HRF Steering Committee and plays a coordinating role between the various entities making up the HRF governance structure. The reports present its activity

Documents of the Steering Committee: For each meeting of the Steering Committee, the Secretariat prepares a report on its activity, a financial report and other documents requiring the approval of the Steering Committee. This section contains these documents by steering committees

Communication: are listed in this section the communication strategy and press releases