This section contains all documents related to the reconstruction process, and to the HRF. Concept notes and proposals submitted by the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) are posted under the Steering Commitee section. Summary of projects financed by the HRF are available in the Portfolio section.

PDNA_Working_Document.pdf1.47 MB
Haiti Action Plan.pdf1.51 MB
Private Sector Plan (draft).pdf1.11 MB
August17IHRCHRFRelations.pdf198.78 KB
August17HRFFeeStructureFinalEnglish.pdf340.92 KB
PressReleaseJune17SCMeeting.pdf89.17 KB
ConceptNoteIHRCEnglish.pdf82.24 KB
IHRC New Project Concept Note-fr06252010[1].pdf86.87 KB
HRF Trustee Report 07-31-2010.PDF71.41 KB
HRF Trustee Report 09-30-2010.pdf71.79 KB
HRF Trustee Report 11-30-2010.pdf74.12 KB
HRF Financial Report March 31 2011-r1.pdf507 KB
HRF Financial Report June 30 2011.pdf395.99 KB
Minutes 1st HRF SC Meeting FINAL.pdf213.76 KB
Minutes 2nd HRF SC Meeting FINAL.pdf140.64 KB
Minutes 3rd HRF SC Meeting Final.pdf804.8 KB
Minutes 4th HRF SC Meeting Final.pdf198.99 KB
Minutes of 6th HRF SC meeting - April 9, 2011.docx_.pdf757.2 KB
Minutes 7th HRF SC Meeting FINAL.pdf583.01 KB
Exhibition Flyer .pdf1.17 MB
HRF Six Month Progress Report June-Dec 2010.pdf3.28 MB
HRF Six Month Summary Brochure June-Dec 2010.pdf881.82 KB
FRH Sis Premye Mwa.pdf1.15 MB
HRF Secretariat Report 02-18-2011.pdf302.19 KB
Secretariat Report 6 April 2011.pdf781.57 KB
HRF SC 7 Secretariat Report July15.pdf358.61 KB
EducationProject - Summary.pdf213.47 KB
Partial Credit Garantee Fund Summary.pdf205.94 KB
HRF Operations Manual - final.pdf277.93 KB
CN145 -Natural disaster mitigation in the South.pdf456.46 KB
CN147 - Reconstruction of the Education Sector.pdf428.33 KB
CN208- Port-au-Prince Neighborhood Housing Reconstruction Project.pdf208.83 KB
CN 210 - Building demolition and Debris Removal.pdf306.01 KB
CN - Partial Credit Guarantee Fund.pdf464.2 KB
CN W005 -Haiti Southwest Sustainable Development Programm.pdf521.88 KB
CN000373 Milk Production and Transformation.pdf80.75 KB
CN000397 Housing and Neighbourhood Reconstruction Support.pdf181.26 KB
CN000408 Earthquake Prevention Plan.pdf183.78 KB
CN000192 Housing Finance Facility.pdf136.82 KB
HRF Communications Strategy July 2011.pdf306.38 KB
HRF 2011 Annual Report.pdf3.93 MB
HRF Annual Brochure 2011.pdf917.91 KB
Brochure Annuelle 2011 du FRH - Creole.pdf960.97 KB
Mise à Jour Trimestrielle du FRH Automne 2011.pdf563.59 KB
HRF Fall 2011 Quarterly Update Final.pdf503.41 KB
HRF Project Summary 12Sept11.pdf163.21 KB
Sommaire des projets FRH 12Sept11.pdf280.28 KB
HRF Fall 2011 Quarterly Update .pdf503.41 KB
HRF Financial Report August 31 2011.pdf390.89 KB
Mizajou Trimestriyèl FRH Otòn 2011.pdf536.68 KB
HRF Winter 2011 Quarterly Update.pdf622.52 KB
Mizajou Trimestriyèl FRH Fra 2011.pdf387.5 KB
HRF Sommaire des projets 31 oct 2011.pdf374.42 KB
HRF Project Summary Table 31 oct 2011.pdf203.31 KB
FRH Rapport financier février 2012.pdf474.91 KB
HRF Financial Report February 29 2012.pdf411.19 KB
HRF_SC_8_Secretariat_Report_French.pdf780.97 KB
Minutes of the eight Steering Comitte_30 March 2012.pdf803.18 KB
HRF Trustee Report - June 30 2012.pdf610.47 KB
HRF Operations Manual - revised July2012.pdf648.81 KB
HRF Governance Document - revised July2012.pdf104.32 KB