• Gabion walls to reduce flooding risks
    Those gabion walls built to protect the population of les Cayes  from flooding were very efficient during hurricanes Isaac and Sandy in 2012.  Disaster Risk Reduction in the South Department, UN (HRF: US$8 Million)
  • Construction of earthquake resistant houses
    View of workers constructing earthquake resistant houses in the community of Morne Hercule, a poor neighborhood with a high proportion of residents who lost their houses in the earthquake. 16 Neighbourhoods/6 camps, UN (HRF: US$30 million
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  • Census of affected population and neighboroughs The Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics undertaking a census to take stock of the population and damage to their houses in la Vallée de Bourdon where many houses collapsed during the earthquake. Housing and Neighbourhood Reconstruction Support Program, UN (HRF: US$24.7 million)
  • Students receiving school kits
    Students at the Ecole Nationale République des Etats-Unis, in Port-au-Prince, receive school kits containing a backpack, notebooks, pens and pencils, four manuals and two sets of uniform. 120,000 student kits, 238,000 uniforms and 800 teacher kits were distributed to 289 public schools in 10 departments. Reconstruction of the Education Sector, Inter-American Development Bank (HRF: US$10 million)

The Haiti Reconstruction Fund is :

A PARTNERSHIP between the Haitian government and the international community to help finance post-earthquake reconstruction. It is  chaired by the Government of Haiti which also sets its priorities

The largest source of FLEXIBLE FINANCE for the reconstruction  with $ 342.3 million allocated for 25 reconstruction projects  since 2010.

A source of economic growth with thousands of JOBS created

A means of meeting strategic RECONSTRUCTION needs with activities across the country  in areas affected by the earthquake

A LOW COST, efficient mechanism for financing reconstruction

A LONG-TERM partner for the reconstruction of Haiti through 2017



How are the funds used?


The HRF Secretariat is located in the MPCE building, 387, route de Bourdon, Port-au-Prince,Haiti. See About the HRF for more information, including the grant approval process.