Port-au-Prince, September 13, 2013.75,000 children will benefit from one hot meal a day, and hundreds of thousands of citizens will have access to better electricity supply following the approval of four projects today by the Steering Committee of the Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF). The Steering Committee, under the presidency of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Minister Wilson Laleau, approved US$44.7 million in financing for projects in the energy and education sectors and for general budget support. These projects are aligned with priorities of the development policy of the Haitian Government.


Joe Leitmann, Manager of the Fund: “We are very happy that the Steering Committee has allocated US$44.7 million, about half of the remaining resources in the Fund, to support key areas such as energy and education for economic and social development. A part of these funds will also help the Government to finish their fiscal year.”



The first project is US$16 million for the rehabilitation of the 115 kV transmission line between Péligre and Port-au-Prince through which EDH will ensure the transport of electricity from the Péligre hydroelectric power plant to the Port-au-Prince network, including the cities of Mirebalais and Hinche.   

 « The government is committed to the energy sector because we know that energy is central for job creation and, for the people’s well-being; it is one of our top priorities. » Minister Wilson Laleau declared.


The US$15 million for school feeding aims to reduce the food deficiency of 75,000 elementary-school children in the Departments of the West, the Center, the South and Artibonite.


The US$3.7 million in co-financing by the HRF to support the project “Support of the Implementation of the Education Plan and Reform in Haiti, will support this project launched in August 2012, also financed by IDB and other partners.


The general budget support operation, for US$10 million, should support the Government’s objective to reduce poverty over the long-term.   


The Steering Committee also debated the future of the Haiti Reconstruction Fund and agreed through consensus that the HRF should continue to function as a platform for development financing for Haiti. This decision will be submitted for approval by the Government at the next Council of Ministers meeting.


The Minister of Economy and Finance was satisfied with the debates and hopes that the aid allocated by the Fund to the different sectors would lead to their autonomy.